Consultancy Services


DS Compliance provides Professional Consultancy Services for Cyber Security, Compliance and Investigative purposes.

These cover four areas:

Strategic review

Analyses the current position of an organisation, identifying strengths and weaknesses in their posture. This is conducted by a senior consultant with extensive experience at board level for many large organisations

Policy enforcement

Good strategy needs to be complemented by good operational deployment and policies. Once a strategy has been defined, the policy is enforced by the deployment of consultants and contractors

Technology rollout

DS Compliance is technologically agnostic and enjoys the support of the leading technology providers in the cyber market. The most cost-effective services are identified and recommended

Forensic Support

To conduct investigations in the event of a breach of concern. This will be under the auspices of qualified, senior personnel

DS Compliance are Thought Leaders on GDPR and delivers all levels of consultancy, technology, training and forensic services, provides a single point of contact for all needs.

DS Compliance offers a discreet in-depth review of the client’s current situation and offers a strategy to suit requirements.

The objective is for an organisation to have a Layered Defence Model using Data Protection by Design.

This is conducted by the senior team and typically built to meet these standards:

  • GDPR
  • Cyber Essentials
  • ISO27001
  • Anti Money Laundering
  • Soc 2
  • WISP

DS-Compliance Professional Services

Cyber Essentials / Cyber Essentials Plus

DS Compliance provides a service for customers to achieve Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus compliance.

ISO 27001

DS Compliance supports organisations assess information security risks, put in place robust security controls and processes and embed information security management across the organisation. The standard is suitable for all organisations, especially those that collect Personally Identifiable Information.

DS Compliance provides a service to empower organisations to achieve this standard.

Anti-Money Laundering

DS Compliance supports professional organisations to comply with the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and with other activities, such as annual Anti Money Laundering preparation and training. In many professions such training is mandatory and successful completion will form part of an organisation’s professional indemnity insurance.

Ransomware Audit Service

DS Compliance prepares clients to defend against ransomware attacks by providing strategy, investigative support, training and exercises.

Ransomware services

The DS Compliance Ransomware service focuses on these areas:

Personnel Training Business continuity
Simulation role-playing Ransomware tabletop sessions Technology Management (Layered Security Model)
External Pen Testing Management and review of Log data
Backup capability / Strategy Internal Audit
Access privileges / MFA Documentation management
Patching Vulnerability Management Development of KPIs
Antivirus Ensure Risk appetite is managed
Web filtering Supplier risk Management
Mail Filtering Due diligence questionnaires
Secure DNS Manage Outside Parties, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Testing
Home working security review Breach and Incident management

Additionally, there is Incident Response Management, available as a one-off or as a retained support service.


DS Compliance offers a range of investigation services, provided by trained staff. These services start from audits which examine Threat, Risk and possible Harms. DS Compliance provides planning and management of defined strategies.

After an event, DS Compliance offers services for preserving and securing evidence, undertake interviews and capture evidence from CCTV and other data sources. This evidence is then handled and prepared using criminal or civil law standards.


    DS Compliance services help organisations prepare and train against advanced threat actors using real-life simulation exercises. In the event of a breach, incidents are investigated and recovery from attacks is conducted in a quick and efficient way.

    DS Compliance enhances security practices, trains security teams and stop breaches for organisations through the following services:

    • Digital Forensics and Incident Response
    • E-Discovery
    • Vulnerability Management
    • Penetration Testing
    • Security Audit and Compliance
    • Threat Intelligence

    Penetration Testing

    DS Compliance Penetration Testing Services uses a defined methodology to safely and reliably map system assets, identify weak spots in both technology and processes and provide easy to understand recommendations for reducing or eliminating risks.

    Key Benefits

    • Identify where attacks on an organisation surface and the risk of exposure to both opportunistic and more targeted hackers
    • Understand how susceptible an organisation systems are to attack or subversion from disgruntled or malicious employees, contractors and third parties
    • Determine how effective current security controls are at preventing costly and embarrassing data breaches
    • Harden the defences of an organisation by following the comprehensive recommendations. Penetration Testing Services provide and reduce vulnerability to hacking attacks
    • Give customers and suppliers confidence in an organisations security posture and demonstrate that the business is proactively identifying and managing risks
    • Security testers are professionally certified through CREST or Tiger Scheme and are fully background checked and hold current government security clearances

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