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Scroll down for a full breakdown of the support and services included in our one-stop GDPR and Cyber Security solution and additional outsourced services that we can organize and manage for your organization.

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Building a GDPR and Cyber Security Strategy

DS Compliance offers the first fully integrated GDPR and cybersecurity solution. A single point of contact for all modules and support regardless of security service level.


Strategic Review

This is conducted by one of our senior consultants with extensive experience at board level for many large organizations.


Policy Enforcement

Once the strategy for each business has been defined, the policy is implemented by the deployment of consultants and contractors.


Technology Rollout

DS Compliance is diagnostic and enjoys the support of leading technology providers in the cyber market.


Forensic Support

In the event of a breach, we have senior ex-police officers and security personnel to oversee and manage investigations.

Additional Outsourced Services

Additionally, the modules are supported by training, the provision of legal services and accountancy services through qualified partners. Customers choose any modules that are relevant – every service is tailored to their needs and all available on one call.


Financial Advisors

Accountancy firms specializing in GDPR.


Legal Advisors

Legal firms specializing in GDPR.


Ongoing Training

Online training & support for employees.

Proven Success

Why choose DS Compliance?

We have built our company based on strength and extensive experience in our field. DS Compliance was founded by senior management who led teams at KPMG, PWC and BT making us the perfect solution for your Cyber Security.

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