What is DS-Dash: CCPA Dashboard

DS Dash:GDPR  is a straightforward online platform, demonstrating accountability under CCPA and other Compliance Laws and providing for the rights of Data Subjects..

DS Dash:GDPR provides for the compliance management and data-related risks, especially where Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is concerned…

“DS Compliance raises the bar on security and confidentiality”

By Omkar Nimbalkar
Vice President, WW Hybrid Cloud Build Team, IBM

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What does it do?

DS DASH: WISP© is a cloud-based platform, demonstrating accountability under WISP and other Compliance Laws for the rights of Data Subjects.

The platform provides compliance management and identified data-related risks, especially for Personally Identifiable Information (PII).


Demonstrates organisations take WISP and other Data Laws seriously.


Helps organizations understand how WISP is affecting its processes.


Supports necessary data, process, and counterparty mapping exercises

Future Proof

Helps manage ongoing compliance requirements under WISP.

Take control of Compliance

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The benefits of

DS DASH: WISP© delivers peace of mind and guidance through the WISP compliance process.

Many organizations have made adjustments for WISP but encounter challenges in demonstrating compliance. DS DASH: WISP© delivers an effective tool for the discovery and management of any ongoing compliance gaps, plus access to templates for third Party Data agreements, internal documentation, policies and more.

DS DASH: WISP© is far more than diary management. For large organizations with greater risk and volumes of DSARs, the proposition is attractive. The system will deliver an organized management process. Smaller businesses will benefit by applying less resource and gain access to a comprehensive knowledge structure.

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The DS Compliance Difference

We make the complex simple with trusted advice and trusted practice.

DS Compliance Inc is a trusted provider of specialized services to manage governance and compliance requirements for large and medium-sized enterprises. These services are focused on helping to facilitate a culture of compliance and to foster best practice based on principles rather than bureaucracy.

DS Compliance experts come from a variety of backgrounds, from Cyber Security and Law Enforcement to Financial Services and Consulting. We are dedicated to helping organizations of all types and sizes to adjust in the most positive and impactful way possible to the advent of new regulations such as WISP.

DS Compliance has alliances with a wide variety of partners

From Law Firms and Chartered Accountants to IT Managed Service Providers.  All client bases require independent expertise in the emerging areas of Data Law, Information Governance and Compliance. 

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